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Room names in top and orbit views

Shapespark 1.8.1 adds support for a new anchor type sprite. Sprites are rectangles with text or icon that always face the camera.

You can use such anchors for room names annotations in top or orbit views, like here:

You can configure a click in the text to trigger a teleport to one of the existing views. Here is how to do it:

  1. From the Viewer tab add extension and select Open URL as the extension type:

  2. In the URL input enter the following: ./#view=NameOfAnExistingView and keep the New window unchecked. This will activate a teleport to the view when the anchor is clicked.

  3. Configure the anchor:
    Set the Type to Sprite, enter any text. Increase the Z to place the anchor above the ceiling, so it is not visible when the camera is in the rooms.
    Room names annotations look best if all of them have the same height of the text (Height setting) and the same Z coordinate.

  4. Save the scene and test the anchor in the preview mode (in the edit mode Open URL always opens a new browser window, which doesn’t allow to test the teleport).


Great, thank you! Just in time when we needed it for a really huge floor plan that is impossible to navigate just by walking around and the saved views are not communicative enough.

Hi @Jan, How I can make Sprites transparent?

In the “Place anchor” dialog (shown in Jan’s post above) there is Opacity setting which allows you to make the sprite background transparent.

:+1:t3: Thanks @Wojtek I got it.