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Changing colors of an object

Dear Shapespark friends,

I am new to Shapespark and but have to say that I really love it. Thank you for this great software.

Currently, I am dealing with a project and encountered a problem.

Let’s say that I have a 3D model furniture from 3ds Max to Sketchup and baked it. And I want to change the colors of the furniture.

I know how to use ‘Material picker’ but the problem is that the furniture has multiple colors that needs to be changed. And I don’t know how to change it in a smart way.

Please help me with the issue if anyone could help. Really need to solve this…

You can see the example below.

Thank you

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Hello, how are you? in this case I would do it like this:

I would group all the objects as a whole, open the mesh and apply a texture to each option mode

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Thank you for your reply, Paulo.

Do you think it will be possible in the 3D scene of Shapespark?

By using material pickers, I would like to set the color options as the picture in my question.

I was thinking to make the same model with 3 different colors and bake it in the 3D scene, and only 1 model will be displayed as representative, while 2 models are hidden but as the color options.

I am not sure if it will work… I hope anyone could share if they have such experience…

Hi @Kyuseok11,

Your idea is good, when you have an object with a change of several materials at the same time.

The @paulocp39 suggestion is also achievable when you combine multiple materials. In this case, which you mentioned in your photo, you can prepare a diffuse texture with three colors in the following way, and arrange a Unwrap map of your parts in them.

However, the combination white - sky blue - white, it is difficult to replace the combination yellow - red - blue in this way, if the elements are in that order.

Best regards!


As you already mentioned, you can have several objects in the scene, and have only one of them visible by default using the Hide in views functionality in the Objects tab.

If these objects geometries are not identical, use also Isolated shadows option in the Objects tab to make sure the objects do not cast shadow on each other and do not leave black shadow spots on the floor when hidden.

Such basic setup would allow to switch the objects using the views menu in the upper right corner, like here:

You can make it more advanced, by hiding the views that show these objects from the menu (Hide from menu option in the Viewer tab). Then, you can place a custom picker objects in the scene. Take a look at the @tim’s scene that has such custom picker objects for selecting videos:

Your custom picker can be designed in whatever way you need, for example, it could have two separate objects with textures, one texture representing a ‘Skyblue’ selection and one ‘Vivid’ selection.

Then, you need to use ‘Switch to view’ extension (Viewer` tab), to cause a click in your custom picker to show a view with a selected option.

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Thank you very much for your tips! I will definitely try to do that!


Thank you for your answers with the examples. I have an additional question related to the views meun in the upper right corner.

Would you be able to share your knowledge about how I can change the color of it?


That would be a great help!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Such changes are done with custom html/css code. This is possible with all license types, except the Starter plan.

how to change color like this
hope someone can guide me on this .
Thank you!