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R&D Home walk-through

This was an experiment for a client to see if there was a way we can do a web walkthrough. Turns out we can. Had a lot of fun with this initial project and I would love to hear what others think or ways to improve!


Great work! The textures on all the walls are great for the overall realism.

Before you discovered it, I would never have guessed that the scene with several overlapping copies of an object could work without artifacts and be used to show different materials arrangements. Nice finding :smiley:

A hint for the future scenes: if you are not satisfied with a bake quality, try to first increase the number of samples and only if it does not help, increase the lightmap resolution. Lightmaps are the largest resources to download and high resolution is mostly needed when you have a very small, strong lights close to a geometry. Such arrangement produces hard shadows that can result in pixelated lightmap. If you see pixels you can also increase the resolution for individual objects in the Objects tab.

Yeah, Wojciech mentions that in an email, you can better optimize a scene for mobile and older computers that way. Ill have to give it a go this week.

And, yes, it was a happy accident that I stumbled across that functionality. In Minh’s YouTube tutorial, I saw you can manage object visibility, similar to how you manage it in SketchUp, and thought I would test it out. Just lucky that way I suppose! It will be wonderful to see the interactive materials you mentioned in your other post. Looking forward to that functionality!

A very important question-
how did you make the Staircase work - for walking?

@ebey.joseph, please find a guide here: Configure walking up and down the stairs: a short guide .

Nice presentation @tedvitale! Clever discovery! I never thought it would bake clearly overlapping geometry. Thank you for sharing!