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Colour Change Circles Along The Bottom

We’re using the colour change feature to change stickers/decals/branding on a surface for a customer.

Obviously these circles along the bottom would be full of specific texture that’s going to be applied to the specified surface. However since these are branding items and partly transparent so that we can show another colour selection option behind this we’re now left with a not so interesting looking group of circles to select from.

So my question is, when the project is compiled is there somewhere that these circles along the bottom are turned into jpg/pngs that I can replace with a different image without affecting the actual texture being used.

I want to swap the image that’s being placed in the bottom here with another image, without adjusting the actual texture that’s being used. Hopefully this can be done in the file structure that is uploaded.

Hopefully this make sense.

These circles are not turned into jpgs or pngs that could be replaced, each sphere uses the actual material from the scene. To achieve what you need, the material picker would need to allow to configure two lists of materials: materials to show to the user on the spheres, materials to use for the replacement.

At this moment, the only option that would somehow allow to achieve what you need is a custom HTML based texture picker. This is described in Replace textures using images from external source. section of this document: the example result is here:
and the HTML code here:
Note that such HTML based texture picker won’t work in VR mode.

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Would really prefer it to be in VR as well, as that’s a massive selling point for this customer using the service. Is this an option that you could look at adding in an update?

This option would also allow for us to add text on top of the texture that is being displayed at the bottom, letting users know what they’re selecting.

This is a larger task and we won’t manage to include such improvements in the next release (this release is already delayed, as we promised to make it available by the end of the last week).

Is it perhaps possible that a new extension that this release will add for switching to views will somehow address your needs: Multiple Material Switcher ? You would need to use Hide in views functionality instead of the material picker, I’m not sure if this is feasible in your case.