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Configurator Commands


We don’t yet expose a function to navigate to predefined views, but you could do it by simulating clicks in the Shapespark view menu items with the JavaScript .click() method.

In the index.html the view elements are children of the <div> with id view-list.


You can hide objects but you need to sacrifice shadows.
In this example I set up two ways to hide objects: one with shadows (the triangle chair) and one without shadows (the square chair). It works but only if you are willing to sacrifice the shadow to show two types of furniture arrangements


Hi @jorgearq,
On the Large office space presentations @Kuba gave a usable light solution on the relief wall “…pre-baked in the 3d application…”
Would that solve the problem with (pre-baked) shadows on 2 copies of the floor?


Hi @Vladan, pre-baking the shadows to the floor wouldn’t be very flexible - if you would have more pieces of furniture you would have to render several versions of the floor and than some how connect this to the changing chairs. What should work would be pre-baked shadows added to the chair as a simple plane underneath with transparent png


Hi @Kuba, we should also be careful about the flickering of the additional layer above the floor. I am also aware of the effects of shadows of other objects near objects that are changing. Generally, both of your ideas can be helpful for now.
For the third solution, I’m not sure if it can be programmed into Shapespark: mark the box area where the shadows will be changed, render this area in extra baking map and connect it with the “object picker”?


@Vladan I would just put the planes with shadows raised a little bit above the ground and the should work without flickering (a least at reasonably close distance)


I would love to do a scene like this:
but I’m not into coding at all… I was reading this chat, but I didn’t acctually get how to do this with the JavaScript. Could you explaine me step by step how to get from a normal modell to this?
Thank you so much,


Hi Jasmin, this old demo depends on mouse hover to highlight floors. Since then we realized this wasn’t a good idea since hover is not compatible with touch screen devices.

It is better to use clickable 3D spheres or flat text that can be added from the Shapespark editor Viewer tab (Extension section at the bottom). Open URL extension will allow you to add such clickable sphere/text next to each floor of such building and open a floor plan image or a separate scene when clicked. This doesn’t require any JavaScript programming.


:thinking: that is a good idea! I will try and show you the results. Thansk for the tip. :ok_hand:t3: