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Custom domain support

Hello everyone.

My name is Tomek and I’ve joined the Shapespark team this month. I’m a software engineer and I hope to develop many interesting features for you :wink:

Now I’m proud to announce the new release of which allows you to add a custom domain to your account. Thanks to it your scenes can have addresses from your own domain, eg. while still being uploaded in the ordinary way - using the “Upload” button - and served from the Shapespark servers.
It may be a good alternative for self-hosting and gives you more options to customize your visualizations.

This feature requires Plus monthly plan. You can add your domain in the Settings tab and reconfigure your domain by adding a CNAME record with the target (the trailing dot is important).

For example if your domain is registered in GoDaddy you can follow this manual to add a CNAME record:

Let us know if you have any questions.



Very cool, set it up last night and it’s working nicely today! Great addition :slight_smile:


Thansk for the improvement! and Welcome aboard!

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