Custom domain support

Hello everyone.

We are proud to announce the new release of which allows you to add a custom domain to your account. Thanks to it your scenes can have addresses from your own domain, eg. while still being uploaded in the ordinary way - using the “Upload” button - and served from the Shapespark servers.
It may be a good alternative for self-hosting and gives you more options to customize your visualizations.

This feature requires Plus monthly plan. You can add your domain in the Settings tab and reconfigure your domain by adding a CNAME record with the target:
<your-username> (the trailing dot is important).

For example if your domain is registered in GoDaddy you can follow this manual to add a CNAME record: Add a CNAME record | Domains - GoDaddy Help US

Let us know if you have any questions.



Very cool, set it up last night and it’s working nicely today! Great addition :slight_smile:


Thansk for the improvement! and Welcome aboard!

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I’ve just upgraded my plan to Plus
Now I would like to use the custom domain feature but blank page appears when I’m clicking settings tab in the
Should I enable some additional option ?

Best Greg

@CrimsonKing this is a bug on our end, we are working on a fix, I’m sorry about this.

@CrimsonKing please try again, we have fixed the issue (you may need to refresh the page).

It’s working now. Thank you very much Jan


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I’ve recently tried to get this to work. I’m assuming this applies to previously uploaded scenes… Would I need to reupload the scenes? My projects right now are only appearing under the old domain.

Would love help whenever you get the chance.

Hi John

Yes, it applies to all your uploaded scenes. Please ensure you have your DNS records configured properly.

Hey Tomek!

I’ve added the CNAME for to point to (trailing period included) .
Is there anything more I should do? Is there a need for me to add a leading period either?

I appreciate the help and kindness you and the ShapeSpark community have provided.


@John_Burlinson, hello John, how did you add the CNAME and point to other URL?

I have just upgraded my plan to Plus and want to use my custom domain.

I have my own domain by using Wordpress but I don’t know how to do it.

Is this correct to do it here? or somewhere else?

I’m unfamiliar with wordpress - I did mine with GoDaddy.

I’d start here: Connect a Subdomain – Support

If that wouldn’t work, then if I were to guess, though, I’d try the zone editor. Creating a CNAME there is something that’s possible. You might need to export the zone, manually edit it, and import it to get it working. That’s kind of an advanced workaround, though.

Wordpress staff is also probably willing to help you out.

Oh! I have figured it out and did it

and I am waiting for it to be configured! Exciting :slight_smile:

It’s enough to add the CNAME record to point our service but DNS changes may need some time to propagate.

Is there anything I need to check to make sure that I’ve done everything correctly from my side?

@John_Burlinson I’ve check it and unfortunately your subdomain isn’t a proper CNAME to our service. It looks like subdomain is already added but as a page with static information… Could you verify your DNS configuration again?

This online checker can help to validate DNS configuration: Your subdomain should have one entry in the CNAME section.

I had an “A” that pointed to a different IP address. I deleted it, and now I now only have the CNAME pointing.

It now shows this (a good sign!), but it removed SSL from the site. I’ll try to get that fixed after.

I hope this resolves the issue, but if there’s anything more I need to do, I’ll be more than willing to try to get this to work on my end.

im new here and really dont understand how this works. can you explain please? with the custim domain i wont see the text in the links I share?

Yes, exactly - all links to your scenes will be in your domain not