Differences with metal finish on iPhone

Hi Jan and Wojtek,

Can you explain why this couch fabric looks different on an iPhone compared to a Mac desktop and an android phone? I’ve included visual ref.

Thank you so much

Do you know what iOS version does the phone use? Versions of iOS older than 15 do not have WebGL 2.0 enabled by default which causes difference in how reflections are rendered.

Hi Jan,

My phone is 15.4.1.


I’ve missed one more thing, light probes resolution on mobiles is lower, but it should also affect the Android device. Could you add #mobilehi at the end of URL and see if the result changes? So the URL looks like this: https://demo.shapespark.com/example-room/#mobilehi

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I tried but It is still the same on my IPhone 7 running ios15, but thats old so…


2 lights probes, but no bounding boxes, could this be an issue?

We can reproduce this and are working on a fix.


Forgot to update this topic: the problem is fixed.

Thank you so much Jan!

Hi @jan, just wondering what the #mobilehi does :slight_smile:

Edit : Just got the update with the changelog ! Any doc for more informations on those hash viewer options ?

Here it is: Pointer for Teleporting - #7 by jan

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