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Finally open to the public: The Forest Showroom

I am pleased to announce that the showroom we designed and developed for Keller/Faller a brush manufacturer from the Black Forest, is now available for public use.

For the scene, we placed about 1,500 trees, over 100 rocks, more than 1,500 stones, and more than 10,000 loose leaves to create a vivid and appealing copy of the Black Forest.

In addition to a relaxing soundscape of the forest, you can also hear the rushing of the streams, which increases as you get closer. So make sure your speakers are turned on to enjoy the entire atmosphere of the showroom.

The interactive menus of the brush segments also fade in automatically as you approach them. They are also controlled by the 16 three-dimensional brush models included in the scene.

There are automatic path guides when clicking on the signposts in the scene that follow a predefined path.

And let’s not forget a 3D brush configurator where brushes can be customized.

These are the major highlights of this sophisticated and complex showroom, which can be accessed here (in German or English):

Showroom Keller/Faller

The language can be changed in the menu of the showroom at the bottom right.

PS: Unfortunately, we cannot make any statements about the individually implemented programming.


Very cool! Love the sun rays.

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