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First thoughts after using shapespark for a while!

After using shapespark for a while ,
there are some things that I really like and some other not too much :upside_down_face:

  1. is there a way to override the ‘‘negative normals’’ visibility ? is really annoying if you want to import an plant in an interior scene because usually the leaves are simple planes and when you bake the scene looks really weird … I understand that most of the 3d softwares have this issue but famous renderers like vray , corona and even enscape skip this issue and visualize the model normally …

  2. the materials editor needs some more tweeks ! maybe an IOR(index of reflections) will help and some more complexity about the reflections … for example I have a sofa and the fabric needs some fresnel reflections or something . Looks really dull but when I put the roughness 0.99, the edges start toy look like plastic …

  3. although I used ambient occlusion and super settings for the bake , the dining chairs still look like they are floating in the air ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  4. shapespark accepts proxies ? (still have to try the 3dmax plugin currently I use sketchup + shapespark )

  5. when you import an object with a simple color as diffuse and you try to add a texture , is not possible , because the uvw mapping coordinates are missing … is there a way to add a simple box mapping in shapespark ?

  6. I can pass through the walls … at least in edit mode ! Am I doing something wrong ?

  7. I tried to get some more realistic materials … I downloaded some free quixel megascans 4k parquet texture and I placed

base color : albedo map
roughness : roughness map
metallic : displacement map
and bump : normal map

is this the right way ? (Importing material maps)

I get this :

especially the normal map is not working reliable at all , looks like the albedo and normal have different mapping coordinates or something :expressionless:

I think that’s it for now ! :smiley:

thanks for your time !

and one more thing !
although I changed the solid color of the spot’s material… in the reflection of the mirror it keeps showing the sketchup’s initial yellow color …

Thanks for the feedback.

Unlike the other tools you mention, Shapespark uses lightmaps. This means that it stores light information for each scene surface in a texture. Lightmapping has some disadvantages, but the major advantage is that high-perf GPU is not required to open the scene.

To reduce the scene size and baking time Shapespark lightmaps are computed only for the front sides of polygons. For plant materials you can turn on the “Double-sided” option in the “Materials” tab. The lighting for the back sides will be duplicated from the front sides, so it will be incorrect, but in many cases this will be only slightly noticeable.

Could you share a link to the scene, so we could take a look at the settings?



The collisions are disabled in the edit mode to make navigation easier.

Displacement map is something else than metallic map. Shapespark doesn’t have support for displacement maps.

Bump map requires a height map. You’d have to convert the normal map to a height map first, and then use the height map as bump map.

Light probe captured images are taken when you open a scene (or change some setting directly related to light probes). Could you re-open your scene and check if you still have the issue.

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thank you very much for the tips wojtek !

one last question please …
where do I need to put the reflection map ? in roughness slot ? (I am assuming yes)
a parquet for example have to reflect differently and not uniformly… (and all the materials in general)



ok ok ! yes , it’s the roughness slot and works very well ! :grinning:


Have you used the reflection map as-is roughness or have you inverted it first?

I tried to find the best way via photoshop …
I made several adjustments till I liked the result … it’s still shiny though …
what about an extra slider underneath ? to control the amount of the shiny effect ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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