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Help with new scene

Hey, guys.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with these issues. I’m really struggling with this scene.

I don’t think I know how to work with large and open spaces yet, like this one. Because the ilumination and reflects are anything else but good. Besides, in the bake process there is a message saying that “Resolutions for all meshes was scaled down by 6% to fit the scene into 2 lightmaps”. Why is that? My scene has only 2M triangles.

Thanks in advance.

The lightmap space needed for a scene depends on the total area of the objects in the scene, even a small number of large triangles can have large total area.

It looks like you have correctly reduced the resolution for large external objects that don’t need detailed shadows using the Custom lightmap resolution setting. This message says that even after your reduction, the scene still couldn’t be fit into 2 lightmaps and the resoultion was reduced further by 6%. This isn’t a large reduction and shouldn’t affect the quality much . You can check the final resolution used in the Objects tab Auto lightmap resolution property.

As you can see, for important interior objects, the resolution was automatically reduced from 75 to 70, which isn’t a big difference, but if you would like to avoid this reduction you can further decrease the resolution for the largest external objects.

The main problem seems to be too dark interior, which is not related to the lightmap resolution. To improve this you could:

  • Decrease the windows opacity for the time of baking to let more sky light inside. After the baking you can increase the opacity back to 0.1.
  • Increase the sky strength (for example to 6 or 4) and use the Camera volumes feature in the Viewer tab to reduce exposure when the camera enters the balcony to avoid showing overexposed exterior.

For light levels I found the new exposure volume really useful too. I am baking a project atm so can’t open to look at the exact tab, but on the camera tab I think it is, position yourself in the middle of the interior space and add a volume then in the details area lower down the panel for the volume you have added, just adjust the exposure volume until the scene has the correct lighting for your taste. You could then adjust the main exposure value to a level which ensures the outside is not blown out by increasing sun levels etc.

For the reflections I put multiple spheres around the scene, paying attention to certain areas where I would like detail. I believe by default when you place a sphere it will try and find a sensible bound, but you may wish to be more precise in a certain area so use the scale transform handles or the input boxes in the panel to change size & location.

Quick tip for positioning both of these is to create a view (which you can delete before publishing if needed from above like a plan view with maybe your ceiling omited from that view so you can better see the x / y bounds of the volumes.


@jan! Thank you very much for your quick help!

So my problems are much less than I thought!

I’m going to make these adjustments and see how it works.

Although I have been using Shapespark for over a year, just in the last few weeks I decided to focus on offering Shapespark to our customers. So, I believe there will be more questions, as we have new and different types of projects. And it’s great to know that you are always ready to help!

Tks one more time!

@njay, thank you for your precious tips! :pray:

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