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Hi Res - Screenshot

Good afternoon all,

Im not sure if im missing something, though is there a way of taking a hi res screenshot / screen grab?

I know the ‘p’ button takes a screenshot, though ive had a few clients say how the images aren’t HiRes enough for them.

This one client we produce wine wall interactive spaces for, but they quite like screenshots. Though because the walls are large, we have to stand far back the screen grab it all, but when zooming in, all the wine labels are pixellated.

Ive tested a screenshot on the computer (like a screen grab) and its quite similar in the fact that a zoom makes it pixellated.

Is there anything im missing or can we add this to the ‘ideas section’?!

Many thanks,

Do you take screenshots from the Shapespark editor or in the preview mode? Unlike preview, editor allows to configure resolution of screenshots.

The problem can be also due to wine labels texture resolution being reduced too much. You can prevent scaling of the textures with these settings: Texture change before and after bundle - #2 by wojtek (you need to Upload or Bundle a scene for these changes to take effect).

Hi Jan,

It was in the preview mode, I didnt realise the editor allows to configure resolution. Thats interesting, thank you for your help with that.

Also thank you for information about the textures, the render came out fine and the upload is still very hi res, but its handy to know for future.

Thanks again for your help!

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