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How to assign video materials to assigned objects?

I have few questions about viewer.createTextureFromHTMLVideo(video):

  1. How to assign video materials to assigned objects?
  2. How to reference the video path in the computer?
  3. How to control when to start playing video? For example: click the trigger to play the video.
  4. How to pause the video automatically when the video ended?
    Note: video here is texture.Not video plays in the pop-up window.

For now, I refer to code in
but it doesn’t work.

Do you need to use the JavaScript viewer API? You can add a video texture using the built-in features - just select your video file as the “Base color” texture (see: How to apply video texture on Shapespark - YouTube)

Use the “Video texture control” extension described in:

The “Video texture control” extension allows you to disable video looping.

Thanks for your answer. Well, yes, I need to use the JavaScript viewer API.In order to set timer to control when the video plays or pause.To be exact. I need to play the video automatically after I reach the viewpoint.The video don’t loop, don’t autoplay immediately, and it’s muted.

I see. In this case:

  1. Do you need to replace a material, or is it enough to replace the material’s texture? In the latter case it’s described in:

  2. Video files can be put into the extra-assets subdirectory of the scene directory Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE-NAME>. Then, they are uploaded together with the scene, and can be referred in HTML/JS code as $EXTRA_ASSETS/<FILE-NAME>.

  3. You can use the Script extension to put your own code that starts the video when the trigger is clicked.

  4. HTML’s video element has a loop attribute: <video>: The Video Embed element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

The code of body-end is as follows:


    let Elevator = document.createElement('video');
    Elevator.src = "$EXTRA_ASSETS/Elevator2.mp4";
    Elevator.muted = true;
    Elevator.loop = false;
    Elevator.autoplay = false;
    var material = viewer.findMaterial('diantixsq-01');
    if (material != null) {
        material.baseColorTexture = viewer.createTextureFromHtmlVideo(Elevator);
        material.baseColorTexture = viewer.createTextureFromHtmlVideo(Elevator);
    function EV(){;

path of video: extra-assets/Elevator.mp4

material name: diantixsq-01

The console of firefox shows error as follows:
Cross-origin request blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading remote resources at the (Reason: CORS request failed)
material is null
So why CORS request did not succeed?
How to fix material is null?