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How to remove bake artifacts in corners/seams?

Hi devs, do you have any tips on how to remove bake artifacts around seams and corners? They are prevalent in my scene after baking at 150 resolution and 1200 samples. There are no overlapping UVs. Could the UV spacing between UV shells be too close together? Scene:

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Your scene has bright illumination, so the default value for the Flood dark limit in the Bake tab is too low. Could you experiment with increasing it to a value in 0.04 - 0.08 range, the lower the better. After each you change to this value you have to re-run lightmap post-processing with the Post-process button.

More information in this post:

Thanks! This looks like it’s helping, but I’m having to use high values of 0.10-0.15 to get it to remove them completely. At 0.05 there’s hardly any difference and at 0.08 they’re reduced, but still prevalent.