I want to know 2 ways to use it

1- How to do a full screen when a page is loaded.

2- How a pop-up page closes when it moves to a different view and then opens another pop-up when it arrives.

  1. We don’t have an API function for full screen mode, so I am afraid it’s not possible.

  2. You would need to use custom pop-ups and onViewSwitchStarted + onViewSwitchDone callbacks to open close the custom pop-ups.


I’d like to know the same way here on the link.

When you click on an image, you want to close the pop-up window, go to the next image, and open a pop-up window when you arrive.

I will show you what I made by email.

I am sorry, but as stated in About the Customization category, in general we cannot offer help with customizing the viewer to the user’s need. We may point you to the parts of the API useful for your customization, though, as in my previous post.