I will like to see and talking about exterior scenes

I wonder if we could have a gallery where we share some tips and tricks about exterior scenes, how can we do?

Hi @jorgearq,

You can find some exterior scenes in the “Showcase” category of our forum, for example: A complete block, Large scale exterior project.

For exterior-only scenes here are some suggestions. Please do not treat them as a ready recipe, but rather as initial values from which you can start tuning the settings according to your taste.

  • Decrease the strength of the Sky to 1. (Alternatively: adjust Exposure/Gamma in the Camera tab after the scene has been baked).
  • Decrease the Lightmap resolution to 15.
  • Lower the number of Bounces to 4 for faster baking.
  • 40 Samples should be enough for draft bakes, and 100 should be enough for final bakes.

Thanks @wojtek for this “non ready” settings. That’s the guide that I need to start not from cero!

great tips. For my final bakes I use Lightmap resolution of 75, bounces of 8 and 300 for samples, with filters and ambient occlusion turned on.