I'm curious how other people implemented it

I saw someone else’s implementation in the showcase.

link : Bürstenfabrik Keller GmbH / Showroom

I am curious about two things.

First, how can I implement the effect of panels appearing and disappearing when switching between two scenes (Haushaltspflege, Tierpflege) repeatedly?

Second, after moving to the Faller scene, how can we implement the effect of hearing the sound of water or not depending on the distance of the stream when it moves?

Please give me some good ideas.


I can answer your second question. If you want to have an audio played or paused depending on where you are you can use the Camera Volume Trigger to activate the Audio extension whenever you enter the volume and deactivate it whenever you exit it.

I hope this helps

I really appreciate your advice


I did the programming for this application. Explaining in detail how this was all done would go beyond the scope here. But you are welcome to contact me if you need support.

Not only can we now change the volume of audio depending on distance, we have been able to integrate 3D spatial audio.
Like in this example:



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