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Interaction with Model

Hello All,

I’m currently working on a project that needs to run in a browser on as many device types as possible, desktop and tablet are a must mobile would just be nice.

We need to be able to move around a model and colour options within the model. For example change the floor from wood to tile and then change the wall colour from white to grey. All while keeping the other colour changes.

Does Shapespark have an option/feature that would allow me to do this?

We’re currently using Unreal Engine but the load times, memory usage are just insane causing it to not work The project is the size of a standard bedroom so not very large.


The ability to change materials is on our TODO list, the issue is discussed in more details in this thread: Configurator Commands

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Hi, thanks for that. I’ll continue watching that thread for more information. :slight_smile:

I just started my trial and would like to see these capabilities as well. You might take a look at the capabilities of the following competitors and think about like offerings in Shapespark:

  • Sketchfab has the ability to add icons in their scenes that, when clicked, popup limited information (like product descriptions, etc.). If there are multiple animations in a scene, the provide a couple of different methods for navigating through the annotations list.

  • 3DVista also provides the ability to popup additional information or images when you click on an object/icon in a scene.

  • SimLab Composer does it a little differently. For their WebGL pages you use a template which allows you to interact in several ways. You can navigate through multiple scenes, change materials, show/hide objects, and provide external links. They also have an animation engine which is pretty powerful. Their VR & AR also provide the interactivity but via click on objects in the scene rather than on the template that is used for presenting the model/scene on a WebGL page or 3D PDF.

As I said, I am brand new so I have a lot to learn but have seen some very interesting examples. It appears to me that several posts in this forum are heading in the same direction (at least from a request standpoint). :grin: