Inverting mouse navigation (SOLVED)

Hi, I am creating a VR exhibition which I need as user friendly as possible. A few people I have asked to test the scene have said that the way the mouse moves the screen is not intuitive and you would expect it to do the opposite ie, to be inverted.
Is there any way to change this? either in the program of with custom code?
Thank you

You can add #flipmouse hash to the scene URL, eg: San Miguel 2.0 by Model: CC-BY Guillermo M. Leal Llaguno.

You can find the full list of hashes here: Pointer for Teleporting - #7 by jan


Thank you, how would this be approached/added if I am self hosting the scene and I don’t want the link distributed to end #flipmouse

Unfortunately, it cannot be done without changing the URL. However, if you add the following head-end.html file to the scene directory:

  window.location.hash = 'flipmouse';

the #flipmouse hash will be automatically added to the URL when the scene is opened.


Great i’ll try that thank you

I like this solution. It’s easier for me to deliver head-end.html with autoplay&help to clients.