Is it possible to use 1 custom domain for 2 shapespark account?

We bought a domain from wix and i just wanted to ask if it’s possible to use only 1 domain for 2 shapespark account for us to hide the shapespark name on the URL.


It’s not possible to use the same domain for two Shapespark accounts. However, you could form a team from the two accounts, so both users could upload scenes to the account with the custom domain. To do so, the account with the custom domain would have to add the second user as a team member. When you add a team member, you pay for the team member subscription, so if the second user already has a subscription, you can cancel it beforehand.

Hi Wojciech. Thank you for your response. I will be the main account. We should cancel the subscription of Albert first before we can add him as a team member. Is this correct?

Right. Please cancel Albert’s subscription, and then add him as a team member.

Do you offer also Shapespark for teams? Maybe with a little discount if you pay for 2 or more team members? :slightly_smiling_face:

@tim, yes we have support for teams, but it’s available only for subscription plans, whereas if I recall correctly you have perpetual licenses. But of course, since you are one of the very first Shapespark users, let us know when you need to renew the updates + hosting + support the next time, and we’ll give you some discount.:slight_smile:

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