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Issues with the quality in VR


Hi Everyone,

My house has a lot of details, which could result in a reduced quality scene. Although, I am not happy with my scene in VR through my phone. How can I achieve a better view like the example room from SketchUp. In some cases, I even use the same materials but the outcome is not comparable on my property to the sample room. For some reason, the edges are not as straight as they should be.

What do you think, could I get a more realistic view with an Oculus headset? Is there another brand/ product you would recommend.

Thank you,



For performance reasons mobile VR uses reduced resolution. You can increase it using a following URL hash: but you need to check if it will run fast enough.

In general you can improve the quality of the scene both in VR and normal mode by baking with larger number of samples to reduce the noise. Instead of 150, try 800 samples. You can also decrease opacity of windows and curtains for the time of baking to allow more daylight inside. For example bedroom curtains have 0.2 opacity and windows behind 0.1, try setting something like 0.01 for both curtains and windows. You can increase it back after the baking.


Hi Jan

Thank you so much for your help, I will try and get back to you soon.
Do you think can we change my user name from
oliverf .shapespark to epix-digital.shapespark somehow?
Or do I have to create a new account?


@oliverf it is renamed now: (you will need to login again to the Shapespark desktop application using the epix-digital username)


Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate this excellent customer service.


Hi Jan

I had baked my scene again in 800 samples, and I had adjusted lights as well. It has changed a lot, but the quality in VR on my phone is still not the best. Can I improve the quality somehow?
And also which VR glasses would you recommend to achieve a more realistic view?

Thank you


Did you try also with the hash #vrhi hash?

Desktop VR devices: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have better quality than mobile.


Samsung Odyssey HMD is also a excelent VR to live Shapespark experience!


@oliverf Very nice model!