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Large scale project of a house

once more guys.
This time i brougth you a model of a house, its big, i mean its not the biggest we have made here at work but its big… anyway, am looking foward to hear you comments and critics in order to improve. and i have a list wich i would like you to help me improve:

1: i havent been able to load a good HDR to my scenes sometimes its to dark and other times its to brigth… soo anyone knows a GOOD configuration to solve this matter?

  1. what value its a good value for the “SKY” and also the “SUN”???

3: currently i dont use the “ambient occlusion” option because i used it once before and i didnt knew how to use it properly… sooo anyone knows how to make it work?

4: how does the “dark flood limit” works and what is it forr?

5: any other advice about anything that you guy found in my model that look bad or wired… pls let me know so i can improve plssss

PD: i’ve reed the manual and all the documentation.
and also excuse my english :joy:

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@Antonio_Perez, thank you for sharing your work. It’s a very nice visualization.

Sky texture
What you could do is to tonemap the HDR image and produce a low-range JPG image on your own rather then use the built-in tonemapping. Then, use the resulting JPG as the sky texture in Shapespark. This way you would have full control on how the sky looks in the visualization.

The sky selected in the Sky tab is only for the purpose of a background - it is not used to illuminate the scene - so using a low-range image is enough.

Mixing exteriors and interiors lighting is tricky. For the sun you could use the default Strength of 8 and for the sky start tuning Strength from 3-4. To let more light inside please set the Opacity of window glass material to 0 for the time of baking (you can increase it back after the baking).

If you still find the interiors dark please check if lowering the Gamma in the Camera tab helps.

If you need even more light, you can also try re-baking the scene with Ambient occlusion on and Factor set to 0.03.

Flod dark limit
Flood dark filter is applied to remove dark pixels from partially occluded surfaces (where some lightmap pixels are partially occluded and partially visible). Flood dark limit tells how aggressively to flood dark pixels - the higher the value, the more pixels will be considered dark. You can find an example here: Dirty down-lights are dirty

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I’ll give it atry and let you know :smiley: