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Hi guys, I have a question to ask. Can I add the other Shapespark scene into the current scene when I click the button? For example when i have a huge scene but i want separate into 2 scene to load, it’s that able to do? thank you.

You can use the Open URL extension for this ( One scene can have a trigger that will open the second scene when clicked.

Ok we will try, but i wish to load the next scene when i using my Oculus quest, it’s that possible?

how can we make the scene load automatically, without having to click on the icon that appears on the first screen?

Hi @Marcio_Moraes, very easy,
At the end of the web address you need to write # and the action that you want


And ready! , your scene will load automatically

There are several other actions you can write at the end of the web address of your tour, the complete list is here

If you need use more than one action, just ad & and write another action like this :arrow_down:


Hello jorgearq

thank you so much!

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The Open URL extension works in VR, but I’m not sure if the browser will automatically initiate the VR mode for the next loaded scene.