Material picker on camera volume trigger

good day,
i just saw the new update and was excited on using the camera volume trigger. but unfortunately, im having trouble on using it, i dont know if im using it worng or its bug.

i used camera trigger volume as a trigger for my material picker, upon entering the camare volume the materials/texture choices will show but are not selectable.

also, i hope you can add a feature were, when you exit the camera volume the material selections will close.

thank you!

Hi @Jonathan_Reyes!

Thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback. It seems that material picker combined with Camera Volume Trigger does indeed work unreliably. We are working on a fix for this.

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This bug was fixed in the newest release of shapespark, once you update your version, the undesired behavior should no longer happen, see: Shapespark releases - #248 by krzysztof

Regarding the feature with closing of the material selections upon exiting from the camera volume, we are working on this and hope to have it implemented soon.

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