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Materials looks low resolution

Hi all,

I’m creating a gallery for a client and although the bitmaps for the paintings are a good size in pixels, (2000pxs and upwards) they look compressed after baking. How can I keep the images crisp and high res? Help…

Thank you

Could you share a link to your gallery (here of via The problem could be due to baking, in which case changing some bake or light setup could help, but it could also be unrelated to baking process, caused by texture scaling and compressing done after baking or before upload.

If this is the second case, Shapespark unfortunately doesn’t expose settings to control the texture scaling. You could open your scene with #nobasis appended at the end of the address (like: and see if there is improvement in quality. The #nobasis flag disables usage of lossy compressed texture format and can help with some artifacts at the expense of larger download size.

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