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New release: team accounts

After the upcoming Shapespark release, Shapespark accounts with the Standard and Plus plans will be able to make subscriptions payments for several users and grant these users permissions to upload scenes to the main account.

This feature is intended for companies that would like to easily pay for multiple licenses and that would like to keep scenes created and uploaded by several employees in a single company account. Teams make it also easy for freelancers working with Shapespark to pass the scenes ownership and hosting cost to their customers.

How to create the team: a short guide

Use the new Teams tab at to add members to your team:

Add member button allows you to enter Shapespark username of the new team member, the permissions that the member will have and calculates how much the subscription fee will increase to cover the license of the new user:

Each member can have one of the following upload permissions. These permissions can be changed at anytime:

  1. Application only: a team member can use the Shapespark application, but cannot upload scenes to your main account.
  2. Upload own scenes: a team member can use the Shapespark application, upload new scenes and overwrite scenes in your main account that were uploaded previously by him/her.
  3. Upload all scenes: a team member can use the Shapespark application, create new scenes and overwrite all scenes in your main account.

The user that belongs to a team can select to which account a scene will be uploaded after clicking the Upload button in the Shapespark desktop application:



Team error report

teams Upload in other account 01

teams error message

In Teams, after uploading the tour to the other account the message with the tour’s web address appears but the address is wrong, the address is generated with my shapespark account and not with the other client’s account.

In this case this address is generated

When should this be


Thanks for the report, @jorgearq. We’ll fix it.

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