Not able to load scene in iOS 17

Since I updated my ios to latest version 17, i am not able to see my scenes in iphone, I’ve tried with Chrome, safari as well as brave browser to confirm the issue, even cleare the cach memory as well but in every condition I am seeing the load screen like the one that i’ve attahced below, even I am able to interect with the screen as well, if possible please solve it fast because all of my clients are using my link to present their projects

Even #nobasis is not working for me
I’ve read this issue which is same that I am facing right now :Scenes Failing to Load - iOS17 Beta but that solution is not working for me

If possible please solve it as fast as you can

thanks in advance


Can you share the affected scenes with us so we could take a closer look?

If the scenes are private you can send us an email to:

Hi @kamil

Mail sent, please check & let me know.