Scenes Failing to Load - iOS17 Beta

Hello all,

I have multiple scenes that I cannot get to load while using the new beta of iOS17. I have tried both safari and chrome browsers on an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The scenes load about halfway, and I receive a fail to load error, but the scene still continues to load in the background. Eventually, I can move around, but the error remains. It seems as though some textures don’t load and that’s throwing the error.

I have tried both scenes on another 14 Pro Max with iOS16 with no issue.

Thank you!


Thanks for heads up, we are investigating the issue


Hi @readysetcreative

The issue is related most likely to bug in ios17 beta.
We have found an error during basis transcoding. There is already the same bug reported on WebKit bug tracker, flagged as regression and waiting to be resolved.


@kamil thank you for checking into this!

Hello @kamil — do you happen to know if there is any update on this?

Thank you!

Unfortunately the issue still persists. We will work on possible fix asap. Meanwhile you could add #nobasis to the end of url to load the scene properly on iOS17

So instead of:

End link with #nobasis

Or combine with other parameters with ‘&’

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Thank you @kamil ! This definitely fixes the issue for now.

Thanks for the #nobasis fix. It does the trick.
I was wondering what are the downsides of using the #nobasis flag. Does it affect the performance or rendering quality in any way?

Also, now that the iOS17 is officially out, is there any news on the fix from your end?
Is it still an iOS bug or something you guys will have to work on?


When using #nobasis the textures are not compressed as much, and loading time could be slightly higher, along with gpu memory consumption. It could affect performance in resource intensive scenes, but not rendering quality.

We have been hoping for a fix in iOS17, as we are not the only ones affected. Basis Failed to transcode image (Safari 17.0, iOS 17.0) · Issue #5509 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub
However, we will work on a workaround.


Hi @kamil ,
After IOS 17 update, we are also facing the same kind of issue in all IOS Devices. We have all our scenes hosted in AWS. Is there anything I can do, to fix this issue?


We released a viewer update yesterday that addresses this issue. As a result, scenes should now function correctly on iOS devices. However, please note that this update won’t affect self-hosted scenes. For those, an update will be necessary after the release of our next desktop application update. We are working on beta release that should be soon available.

In the meantime, could you provide a link to your scene? If the scenes are private, please email them to This way, I can see if there’s anything we can do before the update.

Sure. I will send a mail.

Thank you, kamil. :grinning:

could i use #nobasis with end with index.html ??