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Placing & Controlling Lights

I have had some problems placing lights in a room. It is a pretty big room (over 100’ long). I tried to/did create multiple instances of a light. No problem until I tried to arrange them in the room. At least one of them, I never did see no matter how I manipulated the x,y,z settings. That is the reason I added a suggestion to allow me to use the cursor to place lights in the “wish list” thread.

I went back to SketchUp and tried to replace the lights (which I did actually see in SU in some really odd places) with a rectangle which I then defined as an emitter in Shapespark. However, there are no settings for an emitter in Shapespark so my room still is darker than I think it should be (however I have not baked it since changing to the emitter). I will go add another item to the “wish list” for being able to control an emitter.

If you use SketchUp as the model source for Shapespark, then it’s usually better to place lights inside SketchUp, using the Add Shapespark Light button ( This allows for easier positioning of the lights, and it also allows to bind the lights to the SketchUp object hierarchy. For example, if you add a light inside a ceiling lamp component, then placing new instances of the component will automatically add new instances of the light.

Object-based light emitters are available in Shapespark. I replied to your emitter wish list item in the other thread.