Realistic Grass

Hi all,

Im not sure if anyone has any suggestions or if it would be easy to implement, but we’re looking for a realistic grass solution in Shapespark. We have a lot of house exteriors (and a few garden tours) that require some sort of lawn and unfortunately even with a good texture, grass always looks a little flat and ruins the realism.

Would there be anyway to make ‘grass’ be similar to the ‘water’ effect you have? In which you could select the texture, change the property to ‘grass’ and in doing so it turns the texture into a 3d model which maybe moves in the wind? Ive seen other software do it with great results.

Unless anyone else has any solutions? I know you could possible model this in the modelling program but it seems like it would make a lot of triangles. Any sort of greenery seems to put Shapespark into overload!


We are not planning to implement different types of materials any time soon. Take a look at this solution:

I think this looks very good for an exterior scene.