Render quality is decreasing in smartphones

good day
how to fix this, there are blue-ish texture appearing when opened in smartphones.

Could you share a link to the scene on which those problems are showing up?
Also, on what model of smartphone are you experiencing those problems?

I am having these artifacts also on my Desktop, Oculus and Smartphone.

@Alex99 Can you share a link to the scene on which you are experiencing those issues?


We tried in on Android phone and ipad, same issues.

I tried baking it on highest settings and lower, same results.


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We are investigating this issue, but for now I can say that this kind of wrong coloring happens in situations when there are very strong lights or very dark scenes combined with non-standard tone mapping (high contrast can also increase this effect).

For now You could try and decrease the strength of lights in this scene.
Meanwhile we will try to find a fix which will prevent this glitch from happening even with strong lighting.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Jakubowski

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there is one at E0 02 when you turn right and when when going from E0 to E2 01 on the right but this disappears after the camera transition.

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We’ve fixed this issue and will release it soon.
You can check if the fix works for you right now, by adding a following suffix to the URL of the scene:
‘?webwalk=705’. For example:


thank you, huge help!!!

This issue is fixed in the latest (3.0.3) Shapespark version, so the URL suffix is no longer needed.

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