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Request: Hide Material Pickers

Hey team,
Thanks for being so responsive on your forum and with support–it builds confidence in using Shapespark for pro work knowing you’re continuing to develop and add features.

I see a request for this dating back last year, but thought I’d add my vote to it. My clients demoing Shapespark are requesting the ability to globally hide the material pickers, while still having them available to choose materials when needed. This sounds like something that would be very useful for taking beauty screenshots on their end and relatively easy to implement.

Something we could add quickly is a new hash appended to the scene URL to disable all viewer extensions configured in the Extensions panel of the Viewer tab. For example: a scene with an address like would have no extensions, and in turn no clickable spheres.

Would it work for your use case?

Thanks for the offer for a quick fix. Unfortunately, I don’t think that would help since it sounds like then they couldn’t configure materials in the scene without extensions and thus would be stuck with one version of materials. They want to be able to take screenshots and screen capture recordings of the various material options without the material pickers in the shots.

Thanks for the prompt feedback.

Actually, I’ve forgotten that it’s already possible to hide all the clickable extension spheres on desktop computers. They are automatically hidden when you hide the mouse pointer with the L key. (For screenshot purposes it may be even better to go fulscreen first - F key or the fullscreen button, and then hide the mouse pointer).

Would this work for your clients?

@tedvitale gave a very interesting solution that I liked
kitchen stile 1 / 2 / 3 without material pickers

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Thanks @Vladan, do you know if @tedvitale show how to do that somewhere in this forum? I tried to figure it out and I can´t replicate it!
great way to not show material pickers spheres
@jan “…several overlapping copies of an object…”
You can hide objects for a particular view.

The L key works great, thanks! Really wish this was documented somewhere so I didn’t have to ask.