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Restrict Camera Movements

Hello Team Shapespark,

Is it possible to restrict the movement of camera entirely for a particular view ? I want the camera to be stuck at a certain view and the user must not be able to move with keyboard, mouse or touch and also must not be able to move the camera up and down for that particular view. The reason for doing this is to show some image maps (HTML clickable maps) in that particular view.

Otherwise if the user is not in that defined “view” he can move around normally.

Would it be possible to do so ?

It isn’t possible to disable camera movements in views, but you could show a static screen shot image using a HTMLLabel popup.

Hi @nishantambekar ,

This store scene
no walk view, orbits only. Moving around the scene is with the trigger on the floor (or ceiling).
Does this suit you?

Yes, I want to have such a Camera position where moving is disabled. Is it possible with Shapespark ?

It would be possible if @jan add and turntable view (without movement).
I have seen a lot of such virtual store scenes where the priority is goods instead of walking.
Until then, check out this post Freeze camera to a single view
@TrangV made an interesting suggestion. The sphere of the camera is 10 cm.