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Thanks for that, really brings a lot of clarity. You guys are awesome keep doing what you’re doing!

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Would shapespark ever consider being able to record movement in a baked scene by a pre-assigned camera path that was assigned before baking the scene? for example, when someone imports their model into shapespark they make sure that they have splines in their scenes which can be assigned as camera paths, after that if they want to do a cinematic of their already baking scene people can either choose to move around freely like normal or they can switch to a cinematic mode which will basically be moving around the scene in a controlled path along with the ability to record that motion and save it out as an mp4 which can be saved on your machine or can be shared online if you don’t want to do any editing.

I would imagine this feature to be suitable with a limit for each shapespark plan. 5 minute limit recording for starter plans, 10 minute limit for standard plans, and 30 minutes for plus plans. These limits would be the amount of minutes you may record and save out across all the shapespark scenes that you have. Would be awesome, realtime animation by essentially screen recording a cinematic path of a baked scene!