Shapespark's own demo scene

Shapespark demo scene is now added to new Shapespark accounts and this makes us all very excited here! I’m the one who’s particularly excited because I’ve created it :slight_smile: This is the final version, some of you may have seen it before because it was made available for the first time earlier this month.
We wanted to provide new users with a starting point where they could familiarize themselves with what our software is able to do before they start working with the editor. And there’s no better and more immersive medium to showcase all the features of a walkthrough than a walkthrough itself.


hi @magda, nice work, I have an observation and a query.


two things: 1 the text is too small and 2 as you can’t position yourself easily in front of the banners you can’t read it conveniently (this is where two actions on the same trigger become necessary: the appearance of the banner and at the same time the movement in front of it)


How do you get the sphere with the i to appear and disappear?


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Thank you for your suggestions. Two actions with one trigger are not possible, that’s why it works that way. I will think about some improvements in this scene.

About the meetings trigger - it’s easy this is a switch object extension and “i” object is not a default trigger from shapespark but imported object from 3D program. :slight_smile:

Hi @magda,

I know the switch object extension but if the sphere with the i is not a Shapespark trigger and it is imported, how do you get the sphere with the i always in front of the camera? where did you get that object? The objects can always be in front of the camera or is this a particular case?


Hi @jorgearq
you can make any object in shapespark face camera
you can set it in object tab
This this just a sphere that I created with a blue texture with white “i” on it :slight_smile:


@magda I thought it was only for planes or simple surfaces, I didn’t know it could be applied to objects!!! :scream: :smiley: :ok_hand:t3:

Thank you for the clarification. Jorge



The first image with the banner, how does it work? I mean, whats the workflow, or what kind of extension is it? to have the banner in any position and besides that, to interac with it?

Hello @Ahmed_Solis
I explained it here: How it works "popup" - #2 by magda

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Hello @magda,
you mentioned this scene is added to new accounts - can existing accounts access it too? If so - how?
I have a plus subscription and I can access only example-room scene…
Thank you in advance!

hello @Zando
Scene is aviliable for new user on of course we can also make it available for you in your shapespark cloud.

Thank you, that would be great, yes please make it available in the cloud - just to double check, we are talking about the source scene editable in shapespark?

@Zando This scene is only available for users in the cloud. It wont be available in editor.

Understood - would it be possible to make it available in the editor though? In a similar way to the scene example-room that comes with the installation?

Scene is available in your cloud now. We are not planning it to be available in the editor. But if you will have any questions about it feel free to ask me. I will be happy to explain all the features presented there.

Will do, thak you very much! Have a lovely day!

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Looks great Magda

The video-avatar pop-up is particularly cool. Is this some bespoke coding you guys did especially for the demo or is it something we can re-create in our own rooms? We have our own demo rooms for clients and this would be a game-changer as it’s often hard to explain the video feature without showing people


hello! @Tombo
Thank you for your kind words! In our demo scene we haven’t used any custom coding. All the features you see in this scene are Shepespark’s build in extensions. If you will have any questions about it just let me know.

@magda Id be quite interested to know how you made the avatars pop up! As @Tombo said, its quite hard to explain the meeting feature so would be a good addition to our demo scenes.

Im thought it might be something to do with hide and show objects though I cant seem to find the 3d avatar reference anywhere,

hello @VirtualSpaces
this is simply switch object extension. You can use it also if you want something to pop up after you click on trigger. image

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Can you advise were I find the actual avatars so I can insert them as objects? Cheers