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Start directly into VR

Hello! I need the possibility to start directly the Shapespark scene in VR. How is that possible? Is there something like #autoplay for VR available?

Another question, I have problems with VR and IPhones, the Shapespark scene is opening, I touch on VR. The requester opens and asks for “Acces to Motion and Orientation” I tap “Allow” but it is not working any more. It used to work, though…

WebXR browser API that Shapespark uses requires user gesture to enter the VR mode. A gesture is a button click or a key press, the API doesn’t allow websites to enter VR mode automatically.

Does the IPhone problem happen for a scene hosted on Shapespark server or self-hosted? Recently we added a workaround for a new bug in Safari that prevents entering a VR mode, but the fix is not yet pushed to the desktop app, so self-hosted scenes are still affected by the bug (see this post).