Super trippy bake

Anyone ever had a scene bake into this weirdness!!??

Nothing crazy, single light in the fire, no reflective surfaces yet, sky HDRI scene I have used before. Grass texture…in the grass. Just some standard Sketchup 3D warehouse items. Baked at Medium, 150res, 2 maps.
Preview window before bake looks perfect. Loading screen static image look sperfect, once the scene loads…boom. Acid trip.

Things I have tried:

Rebuild entire scene in Sketchup
Remove grass
Remove sky
Remove patio surface
Remove Pergola feature
Remove fire
Swap new firepit model
Removed chairs


Can you share a link to your scene? If it’s not public yet, you can send it to me privately, and I’ll review it.

Hi DanJ,

I’m one of the developers at Shapespark.
Unfortunately we cannot download Shapespark scenes from external domains.
Could you provide a link to this scene on Shapespark domain?
If not then maybe You could send the whole folder with the scene to us through wetransfer?

It’s possible that those strange colors are happening when color mapping is enabled on dark scene.
We will try to fix this issue in the next release, but for now You could try disabling color mapping.

Krzysztof, that seems to be the exact issue. As soon as I try to enable ANY color map, the scene gets very colored. Fixing this would be fantastic as the addition of that particular feature helps our scenes a lot.

This issue should be fixed in the cloud version and as for the desktop version, it’s fixed in the beta 2.9.0 release which is available since today for all the users who request it:
Beta release 2.9.0 with faster baking on GPU.