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Texture Swap Broken After Upload

Good morning all,

I have created a house scene with multiple materials on various objects in Blender.

My partner is creating material swatches in Shapespark. It all works in the editor but after upload, the scene loses it’s connection to the correct swatches and loads a random texture from what looks like a scene material build.

The problem materials are the "Walls_Outer_White"on the walls object, “kitchen_green” on the kitchen_cabinets object and “Scullery_Oyster” on the scullery_cabinets object.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

When my partner bundles the scene, those problematic textures are missing but they exist in the scene.

The textures in alternative materials have to tile/repeat on the alternative material samples: Material picker problem - #5 by wojtek

Thanks, I think it makes sense :upside_down_face: So, in my uv editor, I would scale up the poly that represents the texture so that the texture is repeated, even though the original texture is not repeated.

If the texture of the primary material of a material picker is tiled/repeated somewhere in the scene, all the textures used by alternative materials must be tiled/repeated on their samples as well.

Yes, scaling up the poly will work.

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