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Material picker problem

hi i got problem with published scene.

on the editr working well but when i publish or test on desktop texture seem not rendering well.

-the editor

-the package

another problem on the floor texture. on editor and package with same problem.

my textures resolution 2n type like 512 1024 etc. need advice?

Not sure about what you are saying your problem is. Obviously, you have 2 different pickers set up. Not sure what material you are replacing with the first 2 images but the 3rd one appears to be one to replace floor materials.

Can you post a link to the Shapespark scene so we can “see it in action” and perhaps help you figure out what the problem is?

hi thx for reply.

link :

working editor but issue with online export :

There are textures assigned to the planes on the 3dsmax scene to create a material pool on shapespark :

NI just took a look at your scene. When you try to use the material picker C, I see the problem you pointed out. Does it work correctly in the Editor? Couple of interesting things to me:

  • It looks like there might be some kind of problem with the structure of the counter tops. I would suggest that you use the Object tab to make sure that the structure of the counter tops is correct, in that all parts are on the same level.
  • One of the materials looks like it is show an image of an html page of something like that (I think it is the 2nd one from the left). At first I thought maybe it was show some type of reflection but that does not seem to be the case. I would go to the materials tab and click on the various materials in the list and verify that each show up correctly and that there is no conflict with any names. Without being able to look at the details of your scene it appears that there are some conflicts (just a guess on my part).

I certainly am no “sage” on the product and am still learning also but just guessing and possible problems.

One other interesting one to me was with the flooring. While I had no problem, it appears that one of the material selections matches the tile in the entry way. However, it was really a match, the picker would replace it as well. Again, just a guess on my part, but I am wondering if you have two copies of the material but with different names so that only one of them gets changed by the picker. Is that correct? If so, an interesting concept to “play around with”.

Overall, I think you scene is pretty well done (mainly thinking about materials, lighting and reflectivity). I liked being able to go upstairs in the Walk view.

Just out of curiosity, what software to use to create the scene (model)?

Edit Something else I just thought of. On the counter tops where you are having the problem, check the thickness of the object. If it does not have any thickness (not a solid with thickness), the the surface can become transparent. I noticed that once you changed the material some portions of the counter top are fragmented.

When the scene is uploaded or bundled the textures that do not tile in the scene are packed in texture atlases to make the scene size smaller. Our current implementation of texture atlasing does not work with tiling. This means that if a texture from an atlas is applied to some object by the material picker in a way that make the texture tile, it will cause visible artifacts. This is what happens in your scene.

The simplest way to overcome it is to construct your material pool such that all the textures there tile, for example by making the rectangles large enough for the tiling to happen. This way, the textures used in the pool will not be packed in texture atlases.

In the future we are going to look for a solution that allows to use texture atlasing with tiling.

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hi wojtek

“for example by making the rectangles large enough for the tiling to happen. This way, the textures used in the pool will not be packed in texture atlases.” yes, but this time I will be using the lightmap resolution wasted.

just look at my textures. have got 17 materials. made up of as small planes as possible for effective use for lightmap. but I would have wasted the lightmap atlas in the way you suggested. I only use texture objects Is there a way to avoid objects in LightMapping? opacity 0 maybe ? after bake opacity = 1 and use for material picker?


In the Objects tab you will find a Custom lightmap resolution option that allows you to tune lightmap resolution per object. In this case you can use 0 for the whole pool so the pool won’t be lightmapped at all.

great ! work like a charm ! thx.

Will it be possible to upload the texture pool and work with the link (http or ftp) in the future?
can these textures be grouped by name and assigned to specific objects for material change? or should all the textures on the project be included?

@nocturness, thank you for the feedback. We do not have short term plans for sharing texture pools between scenes, but we’ll keep it in mind for future optimizations of the material picker workflow.

Update: constructing the material pool described in this post is no longer needed. In the current version of Shapespark you can use material picker to switch between repeating and non-repeating textures.

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