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Uploaded artwork resolution question

Hey folks,
Looking for help on a quick question - Working on a gallery space, artwork objects after the completed baked model is uploaded and optimised appears to be down sampled and is pixelating in web browsers (see example pic below). Assuming the way the model is optimised for web is having an effect on the way the artwork pictures are presented? (Or I’m missing something obvious) Is there a way to maintain the resolution of individual objects ie the artwork? Really enjoying Shapespark, been very impressed with it! Much appreciate any help you good folks can offer, cheers :cowboy_hat_face:

You’re right, downscaling textures is a part of reducing the scene size when the scene is uploaded to the web. Textures are downscaled based on how stretched they are in the 3D space. To force using maximum allowed size (2k x 2k) for a particular texture, place a small square, say 10cm x 10cm, in some hidden area of the scene, and apply the texture so that roughly one pixel of the texture occupies the whole square. Then, re-upload or re-bundle your scene.


@ wojtek Thanks for the support, putting it in work now and I’ll get back with the results. Cheers!

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