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Use touch controller's joysticks for movement

any chance of using the touch controller’s joysticks for motion? One stick for forward backward and turn, and the other stick for up, down, strafe.

Using the keys on the keyboard confines the user to the desk.

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Like gamers! Super good Idea!

There are no plans to support controller’s joysticks as of now.

We suggest to mostly rely on the teleport. Moving the camera by means of an instant teleport is less likely to cause motion sickness than moving the camera without a matching head movement.

Thanks Wojtek, the only reason I thought it might help is because the teleport doesnt move the camera in the z(up) axis, so if your teleporting to a location which is higher or lower than that of the current view, then you end up above or below the expected end point.

Ideally, the player height could be set up in the editor, and then the teleport moves the camera to the clicked surface point + the player height.

The teleport can update height, but you need to specify all the surfaces that should influence this height as described here: Configure walking up and down the stairs: a short guide

This isn’t done automatically, because in most scenes, if the camera moves above some furniture surface, like a table, it shouldn’t jump up, only some surfaces (like ground, floor and stairs) should influence the height.

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Thanks Jan. The walk on/auto climb doesn’t work in this scenario, because I think the camera’s bounding box has to collide with the geometry for it to work.

In the below scene can you advise how I can let the user jump from the initial aerial view to the grass outside each house when in VR mode:


Just noticed a bug with the walk on/auto climb functionality.

steps to reproduce:

  1. walk up a walk on object
  2. use the keyboard to go to another walk on object
  3. teleport to somewhere along the current walk on object

after teleporting the camera goes through the current walk on object. See video:

Currently there are no controls that allow to teleport between views in VR. On desktop VR you can use keys 1-9 to change a view, but on mobile it is not possible.

In the auto climb mode the camera looks at most 5.5 meters down for an object to fall on. The only idea that I have is that we could increase this 5.5m distance and then you could setup a transparent surface in your top view to walk on, and the user would fall down if teleport target is outside of the surface. But this doesn’t sound very intuitive.

Thank you for reporting the bug. Did you also change the height with Page Down or E while teleporting? The only way that I managed to cause the camera to go through the grass was if I pressed ‘Page Down’ while the height was also updated by teleport. Was this also the case in your recorded test?

Cheers Jan, it’s not important to walk on the top view, the client just wants to be able to look around from a birdseye perspective so they can quickly get an overview of all the different types of houses, and then click on a lawn in front of whichever house they’d like to go down to.

For now i’ll just ask the client to keep hold of the keyboard so they can move around freely in all directions, or when it becomes possible to select a view in VR mode, i’ll just add 4 ground level cams for them to teleport from at the correct height from the ground.

regarding the bug, I used the q or e key (whichever one goes downwards), to get from the roof to the floor (touching the floor), then clicked on the floor to teleport. I didnt use the page down/(q/e) key during teleportation.

Yes, I’m also able to cause this with some combinations of page down and teleportation. We will be looking into this.

I imagine some like this whe I’m talking about controlers in touch screens

@jorgearq, I see, thanks for suggestion. It could be an interesting addition, but our concern here is that touchscreen joysticks may be difficult for users not familiar with playing mobile games using such joysticks.

For the discussion clarity, what @Michael_Campbell was asking about in the first post of this topic is support for the so called Touch controllers for Oculus Rift:

Hi @wojtek, one of my clients tell me yesterday if I know this people ( to make some like I said before.
This is an app that they create with the controls that I mention before
My Clien is an old men and hi tell me that controls are more confortable than others!!!

Thanks for the feedback, @jorgearq.

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