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User interface question


Our team is using SP for quite a while, but I decided to create an account in forum only now. We finished 13 sets of virtual tours recently and started to receive feedback from viewers (various people). The main problem is that they always get lost in apartment. Our investagation shows, that top right corner navigation with room names does not help in this case.

The good solution could be a plan integration somewhere in the screen, where current position of viewer is showed. Anyone could comment on this? Is this possible to do?

One of our examples:


how did you add your logo in the proyect? :smiley:

and, speaking of your question, yes it’ll be nice to have a floor plan display in the screen while you walk, maybe a shortcut to enable it, i mean i dont know…
here… i tried to make this proyect as clear as possible for our clients, maybe it’ll help you.

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@ Antonio_Perez
Hope this will help you.

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From available functionality a floor plan view with clickable room names, as described here, could be helpful.

Shapespark doesn’t support more sophisticated map-like functionality (for example an automatically generated map in one of the corners with the current user position marked).