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Using Shapespark in a network


I want to setup a kind of render pc with several graphics cards which can be accessed from any pc in the network to render complex scenes. Is this somehow possible?

Baking on another computer: folder sharing + remote desktop

Shapespark hasn’t such a feature yet, but it is possible to use two Windows’ built-in mechanisms to make baking on a remote computer reasonably easy:

  1. Folder sharing in a local network - to make your workstation scenes available for the render pc.
  2. Remote desktop - to start the bake on the render pc from your workstation.

If the above sounds okay to you, I will prepare a short guide on how to set it up.


Yes, that would be kind. I will not need it right now but maybe be ready for network rendering in 4 weeks.


Ok, the guide should be ready next week.


Thank you for your support!


@tim, I’ve posted the guide as a new topic: Baking on another computer: folder sharing + remote desktop.