VR Perspective seems strange


I’ve noticed some strange behaviour while using VR view on Oculus Quest or Rift.

First thing i noticed is that the Oculus Guardian does not seem to be in sync with rest of the environment.
I tested this by holding a controller inside the Guardian while moving my head around.
In other VR and webVR applications these stay in sync at all times.

Another case where i notice issues is the parallax effect that wall corners should give.
When positioning myself as in the above image i would expect the Left eye to see the edge of wall X while the Right eye would not.
In the VR viewer i can’t seem to manage such a position. In other VR and webVR applications i can.

I’m observing these issues in versions 1.11.1 and 1.14.0 (did not test other versions)
as well as your online demo at (3D scene)

Thank you.

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@Jan-Peter, thank you for very detailed report.:slight_smile:

Both issues are related to Room looks huge in VR whereas on desktop i look fine. The fix for the FOV issue, planned to be released for online scenes next week, fixes the guardian issue and the parallax effect issue you mention.

We’ll let you know when the new viewer version is live, so you could verify if it resolves your issues.

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Fantastic! Thank you!

Will keep an eye on the forum :slight_smile:

Hi @wojtek,

Is there any news on when the new update should land?

Hi @Jan-Peter,

Sorry for the delay. Closing the new VR-related improvements for 1.15.0 takes us longer than anticipated. We’re currently finalizing the last missing thing, and the new version will be released next week.

@Jan-Peter, the new version of the viewer has been deployed on our infrastructure, so you can already try the fix on scenes on our hosting. If everything works well, the desktop application containing this change (1.15.0) will be released on Monday.

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I was wondering if anyone tested this version on Oculus Quest?
It doesn’t seem to be working for me. (I cannot even enter in VR mode) I have tried this scene: 3D scene
It worked before the update, also self hosted scenes still work.

@korop, WebXR requires HTTPS connection, so the VR mode is now available only if the scene is opened in HTTPS connection. In Oculus browser when you enter the scene URL, make sure you use https:// prefix.

We’ll consider adding automatic HTTP -> HTTPS redirection for scenes on our infrastructure.

Thanks, Wojtek!
My bad, everything works great in https connection.
It seems to be running a bit smoother, than a previous version, may be just a feeling… Also nice job on material picker in VR mode!
Is there any way to disable walking through the walls in VR mode?

No, to avoid mismatch between the camera movement and the physical head movement, which could cause motion sickness, collisions are always disabled in the VR mode.

Hi @wojtek
Thank you for the update. This indeed fixes the strange perspective.