We call it RENDER LIVE

Many people ask for the name of this type of multimedia, we decide to call it RENDER LIVE.
I will like to Share our last render live :wink:


Hi @jorgearq
I am new to shapespark, and i came across your work. Really enjoyed it.
Will it be possible for you to share the Netflix Video texture that you’ve used.
You can mail it to me on jranpura@gmail.com

Thanks a ton!!!

Sure, already send you. I hope you enjoyed!

That’s actually a really cool video texture, did you make it or download it?

Hi @Random , I make it but is really symple

This is a tutorial on how you can record your screen in case you need it

How to Record your Computer Desktop Screen with VLC Player

remember that you need to first apply a frame of the video to the surface in your 3D software and then in Shapespark apply the texture

In this topic, Looping video Texture you can follow how to do that