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Web identification of an object and hover effect

Hi Experts,

I have two requirements, I am trying to figure out, identification of an object. For instance, I have a car in the scene. I want to do the following-

Firstly, Once I hover over the car, I want the car to be highlighted(maybe change colour or fade). And even if the camera is in any position, I would like to see the car is highlighted. Something like we can use imagemap on an image, please see the following link for country image map-

Secondly, I would like to implement a JavaScript onmouseover on the same object. This is possible if we can have some HTML identification of the object. Like, view names gets converted to HTML divs.

Appreciate your help.


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There is a viewer API function to register a hover callback, however it detects hovering over a material not object. You can find more information in this post: MouseOver effect.

If the car uses different materials you’d have to extend the approach to highlight all the car materials when any of the car materials is hovered.