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When/How to use Light Probes

Can someone point me to some good information about the Light Probes feature and how to add and edit them properly. I also could use a little more guidance on when to use them (yes, I did read the documentation in the Help file).

I notice that there is already one in my scene but I am not sure how it got there. I did try some editing but could not ascertain what my editing did.

Hi. You need light probes to get reflections. So each room should have one. Sometimes it makes sense to use one light probe for larger areas.
There was a discussion before on this topic. Have a look here:

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You might also take a look at this fragment of our video tutorial:

OK - Got it now…Thanks again for the great support.

It would be nice if there was a way to identify where, other than be the numbers, the light probe is located.

When you switch to the Light probe tab the light probes in your scene are visible in the viewport as spheres covered with mirror-like material.