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Button to Share in scene

It would be amazing if you could insert a button to Share the scene just rite here :arrow_down:

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You can add custom menu buttons using body-end.html like this one. The button icon needs to be hosted on an external server.

For example: (I didn’t find a Facebook icon that matches the viewer style).

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Thanks @jan, I don’t know how to use code or script so I don’t know what to do with body end htlm Line that you mention, Could you guide me or tell me where I can find how to use it?

You need to place this file in your scene directory. You will need to customize at least two things in the code: is an URL of the icon added to the menu.

Last part of is an URL that is shared on Facebook, so you will need to change it to your scene URL (%2F needs to be used instead of /, %3A instead of :)

Thanks @jan, I will try and share the resulta! :wink: