Camera speed switchToView


I know the speed can be changed with the function Viewer.switchToView(viewName or viewObject, maxTime) but the speed when maxTime is 1 is still too fast for me. I tried with numbers higher than 1 with no effect. Is there a way to decrease the speed? My client would like some kind of guided tour.


How fast the teleport happens can be adjusted with the WALK.TELEPORT_TO_VIEW_ACCELERATION setting. It’s in [m / s^2] and the default value is 4. If you lower the value the teleport will be slower.

maxTime sets the upper bound for the teleport time, so it doesn’t affect the speed for close views. It only affects the speed for distant views, if the acceleration given above cannot make the teleport hapen within maxTime.

Thanks for this precise answer, I love it :slight_smile:

I tried it quickly, i’m going to look more deeply into it soon but it seems that on short movements, even 0.1 as WALK.TELEPORT_TO_VIEW_ACCELERATION slows it and since it’s gonna be a guided tour, i’ll need it way more slow. How accurate is it? Can I put more decimals like 0.00001?

Thanks again !


being able to reduce the speed of the transitions between the saved cameras as a sort of guided tour sounds great. How exactly can I achieve that? Did only find the walking speed in the editor. Is the only possibility to achieve that via that html injection stuff? How does that exactly work?

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These config settings are not available from the editor. You can change them by including a body-file.html file in your scene folder (Documents\Shapespark\SCENE-NAME) with the following content:

ok thx will try this!

Do these settings need to be set at a specific point in the loading process or anytime should be fine? No matter what I set for these values, my camera speed never changes.

If you are using the camera auto-path feature, take a look at this post: Camera speed after update 2.9.0 - #2 by kamil.