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Preview: meetings in Shapespark scenes

this post explains how to create meetings: Preview: meetings in Shapespark scenes


Is it possible to change or customize the Avatar currently being used ? I understand this is a Beta version, however I would request such a feature to be available to everyone when you plan to release it. Also, Audio intergration would make this feature feel complete.

Thank you.

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Hello Team Shapespark,

Could you give us a hint about the timeline you have planned for integrating audio streaming services with meetings? A lot of our customers are waiting for such kind of feature.

Would be a great addon to the meetings feature.

We aim to release it this quarter, perhaps even late August/early September.

just chipping in with my own experience.
I found that in the meeting, different users have different inputs. Those of us in the design industry have one hand over the keyboard and one hand on a mouse. Most of my clients looking at their screens are not so adapt as moving through the space as I (as the meeting leader) would wish. Would there be a way to take control of their view as well? ie lets all click on a selected view, then you follow my view?
I found that, whilst in zoom meetings, I simply ask everyone to click on the view, then as i back up, or look right and left i instruct them to do the same. This was ok, but eventually everyone was happier to sit back and let me share my screen, so that they could see every little subtle thing that i am talking about and focusing in on. They could then go back to their own view of the models in their own time.
So, for what its worth, I would like to propose something like the meeting leader to have a “master” view, so that everyone can see what that leader is looking at.

Yes, this is a feedback which we have also received from a lot of our clients. If this is implemented, I am sure it’ll give a boost to the user experience altogether.

Thanks for your feedback. We have something like this in mind, most likely what @James_Craig suggests: the ability to bind one’s position to somebody else’s position. I am not sure if we manage to implement it in the first version, though.

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Haha the checkboxes in the meetings window must have been the best teaser ever. Good news on their way, eh?

It is not my intention to rush your important development but just a quick question: we are working on one event starting October 15th and the clients of course would love to have all the gizmos. Regarding this chat feature, should I tell them to hold their horses or can I make any vague estimations on when it might be operational?

Audio/video will most likely be available sooner than mid October, but we can’t yet declare how many simultaneous participants will be handled smoothly, so I wouldn’t yet make promises to clients. Also, while Standard and Plus subscription plans will have some audio/video meeting cabilities available within the subscription plan payment, there will be some limits and larger or frequent meetings will require additional payment, keep this in mind while discussing with clients (the limits and prices are still not yet finalized).

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Hello Jan, we combined shapespark output with our content management system to generate overlays. So we need the scene to be loaded from our server (php+mysql). if the scene ist self-hosted, it could nevertheless connect to your meetingserver via XHR - would that be possible?

At this moment the scene needs to be uploaded to Shapespark server to create a meeting and connect to it. We are still thinking if and how to handle meetings for self-hosted scenes. We would like to launch audio/video meetings first.

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I welcome your every progress in this direction. Sellers of real estate or goods can more easily achieve their sales goals.

You can only form a price for this service on self-hosting projects. This service is also charged for other chat offers.

** updated
All my clients have requested the delivery of self hosting scenes.
Some will want to chat with their customers some will not.
My obligation should be chat integration.
However they should pay for your extra service. This should be independent of my account.

Hello Shapespark team,

I would like to add a suggestion on this topic. How about we could some how link this meeting features with multiple scenes ?

For example - I am touring an exterior scene and there are 3 people along with me, who are using this meeting feature. If one of the person wants to go inside and check out an interiors (which is a separate scene altogether) then, I think we wouldn’t have the continuity of seeing each other and talking, as the meeting link would be different for that scene.

I think this can be possible if we have audio streaming hosted separately somewhere which could even continue if the user switches between the scenes. Regarding Avatar, if we can somehow manage to link two scenes with the same Avatar name and colour, this idea sounds do able. Ofcourse I am saying this with very little knowledge of how things actually work in the backend, and hence need your views on it.

Please do let me know your thoughts.

For this use case it seems a reasonable approach would be to use a single scene as a meeting scene, and configure the links to sub-scenes to open these scenes in tabs. This way the user opening the scenes would stay present in the meeting and would be able to continue to participate in the discussion.

If you require meetings that are independent from scenes, you could use a separate conferencing application such as Google Meet or Zoom. This way users can be opening and closing the scenes and the meeting would continue.

Hi @jan , why after I’m embed my shapespark meeting scene to my website and choose the audio, it show that aduio not require at the moment ? But I’m using original shapespark meeting link it don’t have this problem, audio all look great.

Another thing is that I have testing the meeting link with my client, the audio system sound bad and my client can’t hear what I’m talking. Does any solution ?

When embedding your meeting, could you adding allow="camera; microphone" parameters to the iframe configuration: and see if it helps?

We plan to release the meetings in the Standard, Plus and Perpetual license tomorrow, the released version will use different audio/video settings, hopefully these settings will resolve your audio quality problems.

So starter plan will not have this meeting feature after tomorrow anymore ?

Feature is truly amazing !

One small request, please remove the word “Shapespark” from the line " By joining, you agree to Shapespark [Terms of Service ] and [Privacy Policy ] as we content creators don’t want our competitors to know which software we are using and would want to whitelabel our brand over it.

Also, I wasn’t able to turn on video mode from my phone. Is it currently only supporting webcam and not phone cameras ?

Third point is that my web cam light remains “Lit” even when I have disabled Video call. This would make the user think that his webcam is still ON and people can see him (even when it won’t). This isn’t the case with other meeting apps like Google Meet or Zoom.


The video should be also supporting phone cameras. Did a browser show you a popup asking for permission to share your camera? If you accidentally permanently refuse this permission to a website, it is hard to revert this setting.

We will be fixing the camera indicator staying on when the video is no longer shared. This is caused by the fact that we keep the video stream open, without sending the video frames. This allows to quicker re-initialize the video sharing, but also has this effect of keeping the camera indicator on.

I think we can make the agreement line more generic as long as the lined privacy policy and terms of service clearly indicates who is responsible for handling the user data.

We have released the meetings: Video meetings are now available

Thank you to all of you who tested the features and provided feedback during the preview!