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Video meetings are now available

You can now host video meetings within your 3D scenes created with Shapespark. The key features include:

  • See where other participants are and what they look at.
  • Share your camera and microphone.
  • Use a pointer to direct participants attention to a particular place.
  • Share material picker choices with all participants.

The meetings are available in the Standard and Plus subscription plans and for the perpetual license owners with active hosting. For details see the pricing tables and FAQ sections here: and here:

To create a meeting use a people icon on the scene list at


To get links to created meetings and delete meetings use the new Meetings tab at your cloud account:

Thank you to all of you who tested the meetings and provided feedback during a preview. We still have a lot of polishing and improvements to do. For example, soon you will be able to select textures in the scene on which participants will be able to share their screens during a meeting.


I really like the pointer function!

Thank for your effort to make this possible!

Awesome! Thank you so much.

How many users does it support atm?

Thanks, 4 simultaneous participants in the Standard plan and 10 in Plus and perpetual.

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Ok the response from the clients has been decent so far. I’m actually confident we can make this feature work on trade fairs as it is - as long as we only add it to meeting room or showroom scenes that are accessible through the fair scene.

What we need is to have the ability to track meeting minutes used by a given scene. Atm only the total is showing. That way we could also charge them based on the number used.

Hi @jan,

Did a browser show you a popup asking for permission to share your camera? If you accidentally permanently refuse this permission to a website, it is hard to revert this setting.

You have given us this notice, but it is also necessary to register visitors who have less experience with Shapespark.

Is it possible to register before opening the presentation?

Hi. Can you provide a video showcasing this functionality?

@Vladan, I am not sure I understand you correctly. What do you mean by registering before opening the presentation?

We don’t have such a video. If you would like to try it on your own, please enter the example meeting from this forum post: Preview: meetings in Shapespark scenes

What do you mean by registering before opening the presentation?

I would like you to change the order.

If the 11th visitor appears, I would like you to suggest him to enter the presentation (instead of the error message) to wait in line for a meeting there, instead of leaving the presentation and the meeting.

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a waiting room is very necessary :smiley:

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Please replace this screen

with redirection.
Instead #meeting-key=SaTJgLYTxIc1UfvK please #autoplay&help

I think it’s a better solution. Better than adding captions:

  • Our web store is currently closed, but you can view our goods
  • The grand opening of the art gallery is over
  • The fair is over, look what it looked like



Video meetings are great, and it would be even greater if you can upgrade some of its functionality:

  1. better avatars (or customizable, with the ability to upload faces)
  2. the audio volume changes according to the participant’s distance (greater distance - quiet sound)
  3. the ability to have more than 10 participants, but without conversations, just avatars, and than you can choose to talk to somebody

this would be great for virtual events and clubs :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. From your list, we are working now on better avatars.

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Is it possible to have meetings in my scene hosted on my own server?

No, meeetings need a custom backend, and are available only for scenes hosted on our infrastructure.

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Alright, thanks for the aide

Hi @wojtek,

It is not visible in the editor, and it is not possible to fine-tune the position of the Trigger (sphere / sprite) for the Meeting projection screen. It can be seen at the Meeting.

Thanks for the report. You’re right. We’ll look for a solution to this issue.

Hi @wojtek

Have you considered the option of video meetings for our clients?

They need their account, only one place on the cloud and minutes to pay for themselves. They do not need Shapespark applications.

I understand that they can temporarily involve me in the team so that I can transfer the scene to their account.

What are your prices for them in situations like this?